Terms & Conditions

Thank you for booking with Pop Fizz Clink Prosecco Bar.

Upon booking you, the client, agree to our terms and conditions set out below.

Both parties reserve the right to cancel the booking within 72 hours, after this the booking then becomes confired and is subject to the cancellation terms stated within this document.

If, for any reason the stated terms cannot be met by the client you should agree an alternative term in writing via email to Pop Fizz Clink Prosecco Bar to be reviewed and accepted within the 72 hour time window.

Pop Fizz Clink will;

• Be the sole provider of all beverages consumed at the event unless previously agreed in writing.It will not be permitted for people to bring to or consume their own drinks at the event.

• Obtain and provide the Temporary Event Notice (TEN) if required form the appropriate Licensing Authority at no extra cost to the client subject to there being no reason for the license to be refused.

• Supply all equipment, staff and beverages in guidance with your chosen package.

We will require;

• Access to a 13amp power supply within reach of the bar unless the use of a generator at an extra hire cost to the client has been discussed and agreed upon in writing prior to the event.

• Access to the venue prior to the event in order to set up and assemble and access after the bar has closed in order to close down, load up waiting vehicles and hitch the trailer in order to exit the venue.

• An entrance/exit suitable in size to accommodate a 4by4 truck and double horse trailer.

What is expected of the customer

• Pop Fizz Clink Prosecco Bar prohibits the sake of alcohol to under 18’s in guidance with UK law. It is a criminal offense for anybody under the age of consent to attempt to purchase alcohol or for anybody over the age to attempt to purchase alcohol for a minor. Anybody found doing this will be refused the sale and asked to leave the bar area.

• We would suggest that anybody who looks under the age of 25 should bring with them photographic proof of age.

• We reserve the right to refuse sales to anybody displaying excessive drunken behaviour or any aggressive, violent or threatening behaviour towards staff or other customers.

• Should such a situation occur, our staff have the right to decide which course of action should be taken and the decision will be deemed final.

• In the worst case scenario our staff reserve the right to close the bar and make contact with the appropriate authorities.

Booking and Payment

• Upon booking you will be requested to complete and sign a booking contract and to pay 10% of your total balance within 72hrs to secure your booking.

• 100% of the total balance is due no later than 28 days prior to the event.

• In the very unlikely event that the TEN for the venue or event should be refused the booking fee less the TEN application fee will be refunded.

*We aim to apply for the TEN as soon as the booking is confirmed*

• Our fees are based on your chosen final package. Should there be a change to the numbers attending, either more or less, it is a condition that you make us aware of the new number of guests. In the case of a prepaid bar should there be an increase in the numbers we will allow you to pay for the additional guests at the pre-agreed price per head.

This amount will be due before the closure of the bar or at the discretion of the owner may be invoiced after the event and paid within 7 days. Should there be less guests than stated the minimum number of guests must be met as agreed.


• Both parties have the right to cancel within 72 hours of the initial booking without incurring a cancellation fee.

• Pop Fizz Clink Prosecco Bar are entitled to keep the deposit should the client cancel after the 72hr cooling off period.

• Cancellations made after 28 days prior to the event are subject to loss of the full balance.


• We will travel within a 50 mile radius to TA126DN. here will be a travel surcharge of 50p per mile thereafter.

Last updated: 10/04/18

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